Go green or go home!
by Julanne Williams

Going green has been the “in thing” for some time now. Going paperless…well that’s the goal as well. Although for some firms it can be a challenge deciding the best way to go about it. Most organizations, along with creating their own internal documents electronically, receive documents and content from multiple sources and the struggle can be how to manage all those different source documents. Selecting a document and content management software solution can save your company time and money.

Document and content management software benefits go beyond the obvious; saving space and supplies. The software allows your documents to be accessible to employees anywhere they are (with the proper security credentials) as well as organizing the information in a way that can be accessed quickly and efficiently. We at Freedom believe in the “3-second” rule – we want our food heated, messages sent, downloads received and yes document search results all within 3-seconds!  Documents are scanned, imported and retrieved at lightning speeds and you can organize them by nearly any characteristic including: location, file type and /or department. Print individual forms or documents and view them from a remote location.

Documents can virtually go company wide – making them accessible across all departments of your organization! Now administrative, human resources, sales, accounting, purchasing can use imaging to securely archive, process and manage their documents.

The best capture programs will scan your documents quickly (150+ pages per minute) and import electronic files and folders into a central location. These features help your employees find their documents in seconds rather than hours. It creates a system of checks and balances to ensure your data is both present and accurate. Once you have the document management software installed, the sky’s the limit! You can add on features like:

  • Workflow: Has the capability to sort and resort data sending it to definable processing queues. It eliminates multiple processes, executes tasks in logical order and improves employee productivity by better managing the flow of work. An audit trail details the status of all queues so you can take a proactive approach to your data.
  • FreeAudit: Add on this feature and watch revenues soar! FreeAudit keeps decision makers on top of productivity and quality assurance. Keep your finger on the pulse of your business. Know at any given moment the credibility of the data you’re analyzing. Track your employee and productivity levels and eliminate poor or non-producers.

For more information about document management solutions, read our article on RICAR (Record Image Capture And Retrieval) software, Scanning the Future or visit Freedom Imaging Systems website at  FreedomImagingSystems.com


About Julanne Williams

Julanne brings her passion for healthy living to her job as Director of Marketing & Sales at Freedom Imaging Systems. Freedom serves a variety of clients in document and content management solutions – primarily in the health-care arena. A graduate of Eastern Michigan University with a focus on making a difference, Julanne has over 20 years’ experience running a marketing and PR firm; she also founded a publishing firm and served as editor/publisher for a healthy living magazine. She serves as lieutenant governor for the Michigan District of Kiwanis and sits on the board of the The Larry Birgy Foundation, a mobile food-pantry program. She’s the mother of two amazing children and wife to Jeffrey.