9 Tips to Choosing a Document Management System
by Julanne Williams


1. Author. Find out if the company authors the document management products they’re providing…A supplier that wrote the software is much more able to customize the product to fit your needs and more likely to update the software, keeping you more competitive.

2. One-stop Shopping. Ask if the supplier provides a complete document management system or do they use third-party organizations to fill the gap. A one-stop solution usually means a more seamless install and only one supplier needed for support.

3. Integration. Does the document management system integrate with your operating system as well as other systems: accounting, patient financial services, claims, central scheduling, etc.? You want to ensure the documents can be viewed, processed and audited and compatible with your existing information systems.

4. Portability. Is the document management system portable? If you change accounting systems for example, can the document management system go with you? You want to make sure it has the flexibility to move with you.

5. Reputation. Do they have an established customer base? You want a company that has a long track record. Installing a document management system can be a big commitment and you don’t want to have to change suppliers.

6. References. Ask to see a customer reference list. If they have satisfied customers then they should be more than happy to share that information, and customers should be more than happy to share their experience.

7. Training. Make sure they provide training for your team on how to use the software so that you can maximize the benefits it has to offer.

8. After-Sale Support. Do they have a track record of providing solutions and exceptional customer service? At the end of the day, you want to make sure that your document management system provider will be there after the sale and install. You want to make sure they have a support team that responds quickly to your inquiries or needs.

9. ROI. Document management typically has a quick ROI – your supplier should be able to testify to this fact.

Getting started with a quality electronic content and document management system will be one of those decisions that will have a huge impact on your business operations. Streamlining your processes means more time for your knowledge workers to spend on important tasks rather than hunting down documents. The best part is -­ most businesses see a return-on-investment (ROI) within the first six months.

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*Some of the information in choosing a DM system was pulled from accountingweb.com