Can Big Data provide answers to ECM?
by Julanne Williams

Big Data is the latest BIG thing. So what’s all the buzz about? Big data analyzed across functional silos can provide information for analysis. Thus providing you and your organization the means to improve efficiency, processes and more. RICAR FreeReports can provide your organization the data to analyze productivity, document access and statistical activity.

FreeReports is designed to create productivity reports to help you instantly manage your teams’ efficiency from your desktop. Improve your accountability with access to audit trails. With FreeReports you have the ability to view your volume of scanning for a specific period of time. You also have the option to view individual scan operator’s productivity levels – how much is being scanned daily, when are their busiest times, which scanner has highest volumes. The options are numerous on the data provided and Freedom Imaging Systems can further customize this program to suit your individual needs. Now the statistical analysis can begin so that you can make your organization more efficient and profitable. As they say, “Look at your data and set yourself free!” No more guess work.


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