Auto Form Notification Alerts and Tracks for Employee Certifications
by Julanne Williams

As documents are captured and classified during the indexing stage, RICAR’s Auto Form Notification can be tracking missing forms for management. For example, if the teachers in your school or clinicians in your health care facility are required to complete a form showing they’ve renewed their state licensing by May 1st then a manager can run a report showing missing State Licensing Form.

A set of rules are created based on your specifications to track the documents or forms required for submission by employees. As required forms are captured, they are marked as received for the employee. A report is generated periodically by management, based on need, listing employees who have not submitted required forms. Allowing for easy follow-up and ensuring that the work force is credentialed and certified.

This can be done for multiple forms that need to be tracked. For example, the individual should have form X, Y and Z completed prior to their hired start date. Human Resources can run a report checking for any missing documents of new hires.

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