5 Steps to Effective Content and Document Management
by Julanne Williams

Are you able to instantly access the most relevant content when and where you need it? Are you looking for the most effective way to capture, retrieve, integrate, process and measure your content? A good, solid state-of-the-art content and document management system will make your content work for your organization – adding key functionality. An effective system should be scalable to meet your organization’s needs – from operations and administrative to customer relations to accounting. You want to move your content – like invoices and contracts automatically through each stage of your company’s processes. Reduce risks associated with manual processes and increase internal auditing capabilities.  Let’s take a look at the steps involved in an effective content and document management system:

  1. Understand The paper flow

The first step is gaining an understanding of the paper process within your organization. Freedom Imaging Systems devotes a lot of time working with clients to discover details about their paper processes. Learning about how documents and forms flow through your organization. We probe for details about what happens throughout the process until that document is presumably filed safely away. We then discuss a new way of walking your forms and documents throughout the system digitally or electronically – eliminating the need for all that paper. Improving your organizational efficiency and reducing operating costs.


  1. Capture the document

This is where the magic begins. Whether your forms or documents enter your organization by paper and need to be scanned into your information system or they are faxed or emailed – RICAR content and document management software captures and stores them for easy search and retrieval. No more searching through file cabinets or off-site storage rooms. Documents can be quickly searched and retrieved in 3-seconds.


3-second_image copy

  1. Understand your business processes and security

Once the documents have been captured they can be automated and streamlined through your business processes. This is where the prep work above comes in handy. With a map that outlines the essential “life” of particular documents we can determine the most effective and efficient way to route it through your system. Knowing how the document was created, how it will be used and managed is helpful. Knowing who the document will be shared with. Ensuring that appropriate individuals – decision makers – have security rights to those documents. How and when will the document be disposed of or destroyed is equally important. Most organizations have policies or compliance issues that guide the life of a document. Having a transparent audit trail helps protect your organization. RICAR tracks all movement of the file providing a level of security. Track who has viewed, edited or routed the document.


  1. Workflow

RICAR’s workflow, FreeWf, works independently or in conjunction with your other line-of-business applications by harnessing your information technology to support your business processes. With FreeWf you can automate each step in your organization’s business processes. Documents are securely routed to the right people at the right time. Saving your team members from having to walk documents throughout the organization.

With Freedom’s workflow solution, specific queues are automatically created to pool similar work together to ensure efficiency. All missing account codes are automatically queued together, all missing DOB’s are automatically queued together – all invoices are automatically queued together, eliminating the need for manual sorting. Now, all documents that require additional attention can be handled at the same time without an interruption to workflow. Managers can address questions at their convenience rather than being interrupted throughout their day.

FreeWf uses methods, techniques and software designed to enact, control, improve and analyze your operational processes.


  1. Train the team

Finally, and such a critical component, is the training of all the staff on how their new document management software will work. Freedom typically schedules an onsite training for all users that coincides with RICAR software installation. It has worked extremely well to have live training done onsite. Also important is technical support availability after the installation and training. Freedom provides technical support 24/7, 365 days a year.

For more information about RICAR content and document management software or to register for a demo, contact one of Freedom’s specialists at 734.327.5600.