Document Management Provides Solutions for Higher Education
by Julanne Williams

RICAR provides a comprehensive and secure environment for all your documents within educational institutions: Admissions, Business Offices, Student Records, Career Services, Donors and Alumni Relations (to name a few).

As an administrator or member of the IT team are you looking to improve the way you collect, manage and store data?

Professors need access to student records, administrators and staff need access to departmental records (student records past and present, HR, tuition payments) so they can track student and school progress and improve efficiency. The next reasonable step for education is determining a document management solution. Determining the right software for your institution can save your staff and administrators valuable time and money in saved labor hours. Typical return on investment is within the first six months.

Freedom Imaging Systems has an integrated technology solution, RICAR (Record Image Capture And Retrieval) that enables higher education learning institutions to capture, index, store, backup and manage their data. Once stored, your files are effortlessly retrieved, at your command — for viewing, printing, faxing and distributing, all with just a few clicks. No more spending laborious hours searching through student or donor files to gain valuable information — it’s accessible (to those who have been given security clearance) within seconds!

The software can integrate and work with existing applications that staff and administrators use, such as Gmail, Outlook and other Microsoft products.

A closer look at departmental uses of RICAR document management software: 

Admissions: RICAR software automates the capture and routing of applications for quicker reviewing and processing. Paper-based supporting documents, such as transcripts or letters of recommendation can be scanned upon receipt. RICAR automatically imports electronic documents or digital documents that come in via fax or email. So there is no need to print/scan. RICAR can automatically index with information from your student information system (SIS) – reducing or eliminating manual data entry.

Financial Aid:  RICAR integrates with your student information system (SIS) so staff can access documents quickly. Alerts can be set to automatically notify staff of missing documents. Assists in maintaining your compliance with federal requirements – and allows quick access to documents and reports for auditors.

Student Records/Advising: RICAR can pull demographic, courses, and grade data from transcripts and store data automatically. Allowing the processing of transfer students and credits to be more efficient. Advisors can better counsel students on their academic program by having most current information.

Registration/Forms Processing: Forms (drop/add class for example) submitted online can be automatically routed for approval process. Tracking tools can be set up with auto notifications to ensure forms move through the process and students get responses in timely manner.

With RICAR workflow your online applications, e-transcripts and scanned supporting documents are automatically imported into RICAR FreeImport where they are auto matched. Once all supporting documents have been received for a student they are auto sent to an admissions queue where decisions can now be made regarding admissions. If a student calls requesting status of admissions – easily check the “Waiting for admissions documents” queue.

RICAR can capture course and grade data from transcript as well as degree audit and post to student information system (SIS).


  • Improve operations – administrators can analyze various departments: donors, HR, financial, athletics, student and employee records, as many as deemed necessary.
  • FreeWf (Freedom’s state of the art workflow application) is a content management system that will integrate with educational documents both electronic and analog. FreeWf provides complete security that sorts and routes the information.
  • With electronic forms the collection of student or donor data can be saved as PDFs and placed into the workflow process for further evaluation and dissemination to other departments for their review or use.
  • Human Resources – whether electronic forms, employment applications, performance reviews, or benefits – all can be managed and tracked. Equally critical, while keeping the documents secure there can be settings added so that authorized users can access the information from anywhere.
  • Archived documents – Scanning documents can take all those paper files you have boxed and archived and create a digital alternative freeing up space and monies no longer needed to house the documents. Additionally, the information is at your fingertips with a few clicks on a computer as opposed to heading into storage areas searching through files upon files. And lest we not forget the documents are now more secure without the risk of loss due to natural disasters such as fire or flood.
  • Facilitates educational institutions compliance with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act — protecting privacy and security of students’ health data) and FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act – protecting student records).
  • Track all documents that are created from the time a student is enrolled in the university to graduation, in a single repository. Allowing staff or administrators at every level to easily share important student data.

Document management software can help you collect, manage and deliver your educational institutions critical content. It’s a solution that makes sense in any data-driven environment – from admission through to graduation and onto alumni relations.

If you’re interested in speaking with one of our document and content management specialists about helping your school stay competitive, contact us 734.327.5600.