Path to a Better Patient Experience
by Julanne Williams

Are you struggling with managing your claims?
Do you find that your staff is spending an exorbitant amount of time handling patient correspondence and explanation of benefits (EOB’s)? Are your patients experiencing long hold times as they call to inquire about outstanding bills?

Move your data closer to the end-user — your patient. As you do, watch it become a much more simplified practice, as you move away from batch processing.

With a quality enterprise content management (ECM) software you’ll discover a more patient centric focus means reduced hold times. Your correspondence, EOB’s are all right there at your fingertips for easy retrieval — in less than 3-seconds. And who else within the health care system will do everything in their power to ensure you are provided with correct insurance information to move that claim to the ‘complete’ pile?

The patient is your best path to lower DSO’s — and by that we mean “days sales NOT outstanding”!

With ECM, you remove unnecessary steps to provide access to the information you need — when you need it — in a meaningful way. For the purpose you need it!

EHR/EMR’s were not designed for innovation. You still have to extract the data. An ECM will do that for you. It will streamline your processes, automate workflow — and as a result decrease your DSO’s.

Let’s work smarter. Add a quality ECM software. Change your patient’s lives…today.

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