Simplify and Automate with ECM
by Julanne Williams
Major hospitals and laboratories are seeing the benefits 
Join the other major hospitals and laboratories and take your healthcare to the next level by looking to your other line of business applications to interface with an enterprise content management (ECM) software. It typically is going to be a Health Level 7 (HL7)  file. By doing so, all the information (requisitions, EOB’s, claims) that are coming to you can be automatically indexed and used by a quality ECM software to perform rules-based routing of documents for workflow.
With a rules and roles based system like RICAR, you determine the rules – workflow action and trigger time. The benefit of moving to a RICAR workflow system is: 

  • Reduction in Errors (no more manual data entry) ensures record completeness.
  • Increased Efficiency – requisitions, EOBs move seamlessly.
  • Expedites Billing Process – claims can be processed quicker.
  • No more Lost Requisitions – lost paper requisitions can be regenerated from electronic orders.
  • Revenue Increases – No more lost requisitions that are written off to bad debt.
  • Automate RCM
To learn more about how your healthcare system or laboratory can benefit from ECM visit  website or watch a demo.