Top 10 Things Your Document Management Software Can Do
by Julanne Williams

Are you taking full advantage of your document management software?

Well, you should be. At some point in time you saw the value of implementing a quality document management system.  You were excited to be rid of all the paper and thrilled at the increased and improved speed with which work flowed through your organization.

But are you taking full advantage of all that a DM/ECM software like Freedom’s RICAR can do for you?

After recent conversations with a few customers who said things like “I didn’t know I could do that!”, and “How quickly can we add that auditing feature?”, I decided in the spirit of a New Year, it was time to share!  So below is a list of the top 10 things you may not have realized your Freedom document management software can do. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! If you take advantage of all of them you’ll receive the gift of improved processes, reduced turn-around times, improved quality control, and our favorite – return on investment. Happy 2017!

Top 10 things you may not have realized your document management software can do

  1. Review User Productivity in Real Time – From your desktop! Monitor and tracking team members means better quality control with FreeWf. Track actions by each user; every time a document is scanned, opened, routed, edited.

  1. Create Productivity Reports – FreeReports creates productivity reports allowing you to better manage your team. Analyze and monitor the number of scanned documents per week/day/hour. Run compliance reports aiding in accommodating privacy laws such as HIPAA and HITECT.
  1. Auditing Feature – Perform quality assurance check on the accuracy of data entered into your LIS. Catch errors on front-end and resolve them quickly. Reduce the number of denials – studies tell us % of denials are due to data entry errors.
  1. Electronically queue documents for billing data entry – Once scanned and indexed a Health Level-7 (HL7)  file from LIS can provide additional patient, client and testing information that can be accessed from anywhere. The HL7 file can also be used for auto sorting.  Billing can immediately access the information and process claims quicker.
  1. Increase speed of processing AR with Bankers Lockbox and Freedom’s RICAR Lockbox Solution – Save yourself hours of labor per week by streamlining the process of payments and correspondence. Freedom’s system can securely receive scanned images and captured data directly from bank to automatically upload and index. That same data can be used to automatically update your AR system providing a complete audit trail. Save yourself labor, improve quality of data, and reduce your DSO’s.
  1. Process 835/ERA files – Shorten your billing revenue cycle by processing the raw 835 Health Care Claim Payment/ERA files and provide readable electronic images in both batch and patient centric formats with Freedom’s FreeX12 Processor. Fully searchable at all levels, automatic secondary and tertiary processing are just a few of the benefits.
  1. Integrate with your other line of business applications – Data queried from your IS can drive workflow processes for automated business process management – think CSV, HL7, etc. You’ll minimize the errors, automate populated indexes, increase speed of processing and improve quality controls.
  1. Archival – Disparate or legacy systems.
  1. Multi-page to single page – Convert multi-page TIFF documents to single page improving search and retrieval time.
  1. Digitalize Central Scheduling – By digitalizing the paper and creating automatic workflows and distribution, it allows a central scheduling center the ability to improve their profitability. No long hold times, central scheduling reps can find patient information quickly. Freedom’s system automatically prints the patient records at diagnostic center 48 hours prior to appointment. Efficient, secure, and no patients lost to competitors due to paper requisition.

To learn more or request a demo featuring any of these benefits, email or call and speak with one of our Freedom specialists at 734.327.5600.